Direct mail marketing campaigns for lawn care business owners by Turf BooksLawn Care Marketing: Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

DIRECT MAIL IS A GREAT WAY TO ADVERTISE. You are sending very specific and targeted messages to your mailing list. Delivering the right message in the right market, this approach is likely to provide a high return on investment. Direct Mail Marketing  campaigns is getting your hands on a good list!

Direct mail marketing campaigns can be enormously successful and the return on investment can be tremendous. Just make sure you have the right approach so that you do not end up flushing your dollars down the drain! Here are some techniques that will help you bump up the success rate of your direct mail campaigns:

• Make it short and sweet!
• Align your message with your target market
• Be specific and clear in your offer and the benefit to your client
• Avoid big words and write on a grade-school level
• Write the copy with a personal and conversational tone
• Provide a guarantee or no-risk offer
• Give the customer a deadline to act
• Provide testimonials from current customers

P.S. Use the postscript to grab their attention one last time!

Lawn Care Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns: Identify Your Target Market

Identifying your business’ target market is critical. Know who your clients are and understand what market they are in. Figure out not only what market your current clients are in, but also determine which market you want your future clients to come from. Lawn Care is a relationship business and it is very common that a homeowner that has lived in a house for 10 years already has developed a relationship with a friend of the family, or a friend of a friend, or just another business.

So, it can be very hard to break into markets were other lawn care companies are already working and forging their own customer relationships. Sometimes you have to overcome a perception of value and an expectation around price.

Yet, new homeowners can be a great source for new customers. Usually they do not already have a regular lawn care service. That is why so many lawn care business owners like to market to new home buyers. And this approach can be very successful if executed correctly. So, what is your target market? Here are some profitable areas that we have found to be successful in our region:

• Couples 30-50 years old with young children who just bought a new home
• Property management firms
• Country clubs
• Warehousing businesses

Make sure you know who your clients are. Also know what type of service you are offering and how they fit together. You need to understand what kind of customer you are looking for and split the customer base into categories.

Break it down any way you want… but think about who your customer is… then think about who you want your customer to be… and then mail something to that customer!

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