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Published author and certified public accountant Daniel Gordon, provides a his expert insight through our Business Bookkeeping Services Blog. Many of the articles posted on our website can also be found on various lawn care industry magazines and website platforms. Daniel’s expertise comes from his 20+ years in the Lawn Care and Pest Control Industry.

The Business Bookkeeping Services Blog topic’s include, bookkeeping, accounting, budgets, key performance indicators (KPI), return on investment (ROI), growing your lawn care business, starting a lawn care business, selling your lawn care business and more. This page will be updated regularly so please make sure to check back often!!

Turn Your Landcare Business Opportunity Into A Success Story

How do lawn and landcare business opportunities turn into success stories? The first step -  Check Your Pride at the Door!  DO WHAT must BE DONE! Sometimes you just must do whatever it takes to get the job done and pay the bills. Being a Land/ Lawn Care business owner...

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Hey Landscapers, What’s in Your Accounting?

Best Accounting Practices for Landscapers Accounting is the language that we use to communicate the health of our business. When many of us think of accounting we think of April 15th – TAX DAY. However, there is a lot more to the accounting function with respect to...

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A Financial Must – An Annual Budget!

How do you keep score in your business?  How do you know if you are winning or losing?  Is it money in the bank? Profits? Growth?  All of the above!  Budgeting is key to your operational and financial plan.  But how do we formulate a common sense budget that is useful...

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