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Monthly Accounting Services

Traditionally, you hire an accounting professional to pay your bills. However, this can be very expensive and time consuming. Hiring an in-house bookkeeper often still requires your supervision, time, and task approvals. With Turf Books Accounts Payable System, you’ll get a system that is easy to use and efficient. In fact, not only is it easier, but our bill paying system typically costs hundreds per month, not thousands. The process is easy, e-mail or upload your vendor invoices, Click to pay, and just submit…That’s it!



Free sync and reconciliation with QuickBooks


Online bill pay, storage, organization and viewing


Payment History Reporting


Accounting Dashboards

Turf Books
Custom Operational Dashboards

Turf Books provides custom Accounting Reports to keep our clients informed.
Our Operational Dashboards can be customized to fit your Lawn or Land Care Company needs!

Implementing Insights Gained From The Assessment Phase

Turf Books team members will work collaboratively with you to set up your systems so that you can transform your business into a tightly operated profit generating machine.  With our Accounting Services you will fully understand what to measure, how to measure it, and how to interpret the results in such a way that you can operate your land care business with new found visibility and focused attention. We will help you set up your accounting system using operational software and we blend it with a general ledger system such as Quick Books.

The two systems will be configured and mapped in such a way that enables us to “marry” the systems, keeping them synchronized and enabling informed business decision based on accurate and timely information. When this phase is complete, we will have everything set up for ongoing accounting and creation of the valuable reports that we will provide in our monthly accounting services package.

Getting Started With Turf Books Accounting Services

The Turf Books reporting packages will provide your lawn care business with a high level of operational understanding that has previously only been available only to large companies with BIG budgets. We will review your charts of accounts which is the backbone of your reporting system. A well designed chart of accounts enables you to generate consistent reports as well as benchmark & determine areas of improvement. We make the transition process stress free..we will have you set up in just 3 simple phases! Custom tailored to show your profitability by department and service line.

Regular Service Agreement Phase

At this point your land care company’s technology systems and business processes are configured in such a way to support your business growth and initiatives. Based on the findings of the Assessment and Set Up Phase, we will regularly perform a monthly set of business and accounting services customized to your business needs. Our regular service offerings include: 

  • Preparation of Sales & Income Tax Findings 
  •  General Ledger Maintenance, including monthly entries
  • Management of labor costs 
  • Outsourced Accounts Payable Management 
  • Management and measurement of advertising campaigns
  • Development and execution of compensation programs
  • Strategic Pricing Services for Profit
  • Outsourced CFO Services
  • CRM, Accounting & Sales Software Consulting
  • Route Management


Ready To Get Started?

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